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All-Metal Fabricators
15400 Commerce Park Dr.
Brook Park, OH 44142
Phone: 216-267-0033


The use of CNC press brakes allows All-Metal to quickly set up jobs, accurately produce parts of small or large runs and gives us the flexibility of accurate repeatability of future production runs.

After a part is blanked and deburred it can be formed using a CNC controlled press brake. In this department, software again controls the process. Skilled operators set up the equipment, run production, and provide the necessary quality checks in the most efficient manner.

With our experience and capabilities in precision sheet metal fabrication and CNC forming, we save you time and money. Quick set-up and quality tooling allows for consistent parts time after time, saving time, and eliminating scrap. This allows us to pass along to you both savings and quality parts.
  • Multi stage forming
  • Complete accuracy
  • Quality tooling
  • Consistent parts